The hormonal imbalances , typical of this moment of the menstrual cycle, make us experience sudden mood swings and see things differently, even our partner ...

The typical "It has to be in your days", it bothers us, but it is not fortuitous. To the ovulate (between day 12 and 14), emotions are close to the surface; and the states of happiness, sadness and anger alternate in seconds.

Through a study, researchers from the University of California, United States, concluded that women are more demanding with the couple when we are in the days fertile .

The above, after working with a group of volunteers ovulating that, despite having a stable relationship, they expressed dissatisfaction and annoyance with their partners.

But how do you know that you are ovulating?



- Fluid retention

- Cramps in the belly

- Light brown flow

- Discomfort in the breasts

- Greater sexual appetite

- Headache

- Increase in temperature

- Sudden mood swings

- Abundant and transparent cervical mucus

The best thing is to program yourself and not make any important decision (especially in love) when ovulating ...


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