Impátalos from the first time ...

A good appearance influences positively or negatively in our relationships, as well as the feelings we can inspire in others: trust, disgust, compassion or admiration. Situation that is essential, many times to achieve our objectives.

For Gina Alcívar, expert in oral and written communication , the personal image represents 55% of a first impression. It tells others who we are, what our tastes are, whether we are extroverts or responsible people. To improve our appearance our lifestyle habits could make a big difference.


Impátalos from the first time ...

Habits are actions that we do on a regular basis in our day to day and their influence on our health and beauty is decisive. Thus GetQoralHealth gives you 6 habits that will help you improve your appearance:

1. Sleep. According to a study published by A good night could make you look younger and attractive. When we sleep, our sweat naturally moisturizes our skin, and going to bed increases blood flow to the face, and thus wrinkles are less noticeable, at least temporarily.

2. Exercise improves the luminosity of the skin. This is because exercise increases the diameter of the blood vessels (vasodilation), allowing a greater amount of blood flow to reach the organs, and between them to the skin, as indicated by a study of the Pharmacology and Therapeutics.

3. Avoid "sugar-free" products. An investigation published by the British Dental Journal (BDJ), He found that sugar-free food and drinks contain acidic additives that can cause dental problems, as they wear away the natural enamel of the teeth.

4. Drink water. A study on the effects of oral hydration on microcirculation of the skin in young and middle-aged adults and healthy seniors, carried out by the University of Missouri-Columbia, USA, notes that taking 500 milliliters of water increases the blood flow in the capillaries of the skin, which makes it look more beautiful.

5. Smile. Every time you do it, you are sending an order to the brain that everything is fine, and that will make you feel better. Remember: smiling is the cheapest way to improve your appearance. The designer Paco Rabanne affirmed: "the smile is the best attire of a model."

6. Do not use your hands. For the dermatologist Deborah Jaliman, No matter how many times a day you wash your hands: bacteria roam through them at your leisure. Try to avoid using your hands when applying products on the skin, as well as makeup or make-up remover. Cottons, applicators, wipes, brushes and brushes are your allies.

Improving your appearance through changing habits only depends on you. Remember that your health is in your hands. Do not forget!