Microchip can detect cancer in one hour

Scientists have developed a microchip that can adhere to a smart cell phone and is able to diagnose cancer tumors in about an hour, according to the study published by the medical journal Science Translational Medicine.

The chip called micro-NMR uses magnetic nanoparticles to measure the proteins and chemical compounds in the tumors One of its advantages is that it only requires small amounts of tissue to perform the diagnosis , the researchers declared.

To remove the part of tissue a small biopsy that is done with a suction needle, which extracts cells of the suspicious lesions and trying to determine the molecular footprint, explained the co-author of the study Jered B. Haun, of the General Hospital of Massachusetts in Boston, United States.

"It was a pleasant surprise to see that the protein markers worked well. One of our biggest challenges was not only to diagnose cancer patients with the greatest precision, but also as quickly as possible, "said the specialist.

The researchers tested the microchip and analyzed tissue samples from 50 patients suspected of having the condition. 44 patients were diagnosed correctly in 60 minutes. The traditional methods to do the diagnosis They take an average of 3 or more days and only get 84% accuracy.

Research suggests that the micro-NMR chip has the potential to be used as diagnostic method in the clinics. The device could be used in smart telephony like iPhones and Blackberrys.

Source: Health Day and Science Translational Medicine.

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