Merry Christmas!

Accidents, whether traffic, burns, falls or drowning, increase 10% in December and about 3,000 people die these days for these reasons, says the Secretariat of Prevention and Promotion of Health .

During the season Christmas increases the risk of them being generated short circuits due to the overload of extensions, which can even lead to fires, says in an interview for GetQoralHealth, Alejandra León Sariñana , marketing leader for Latin America for Lutron Electronics .


Merry Christmas!

For these reasons, especially that you avoid fires for electrical faults, we share the advice of the expert that you should implement this Christmas .

1. Use lights in good condition. You should check that these do not have cables entangled, worn or exposed, as well as burnt out foci that cause overheating of the whole series.

2. Avoid overload. Limit the number of connections to a power outlet and not plugs more than three series together in a single contact.

3. Choose quality. Both the lights and the ornaments are highly flammable , for this reason it is more advisable to use LED lighting, which does not heat up.

4. Take care of the location. The installation of your little tree It should be as far away from curtains and carpets, the lights that you place near them should be connected for less time to avoid overloads .


When using a Christmas tree naturally, it dries up little by little, so if an accident occurs it can cause a much greater fire, "says León Sariñana.

5. Review the materials. As for external lights, care must be taken that they are specially designed to tolerate the environmental factors , and protect the connections from the rain, otherwise they may occur electric shock .

To avoid accidents for your Christmas decorations you do not need to sacrifice the beauty of lighting or fun, you just have to pay special attention to the prevention with these keys. Take care of those you love the most and enjoy a Merry Christmas.

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