5 tips to increase your partner's libido

In relationships, the emotional part is as important as the physical part so that the passion ignites. Many times it is necessary to improve the communication outside the bed to be optimized in it.

It is a fact that the brain also participates in sex. What you think and imagine in your mind has a lot to do with what you want to do in bed.

To ignite the fire in the relationship, both must do their part, be creative and plan different and fun things; Above all, they must ensure that they are compatible so that the pleasure is mutual.


5 infalibes tips

1. Create the right environment and make sure you take the necessary time. Remember that women need more time than men to be ready before penetration. There are times when it is better to wait, especially if one of the two is too tired or stressed.

2. A good idea is to invite him / her to a hotel night to leave the same four walls of house. Many couples therapists recommend "inventing" a weekend in a spa or on a beach. A second, third, fourth ... honeymoon always comes well and allows us to meet again with our partner, laughing again, kissing under the moon; return to "fall in love" with each other. This advice is especially useful when you have children.

3. If you have never given importance to "pre-sex" things, it's about time you start taking them into account. The erotic games and the caresses are the prelude to the sexual encounter and will help you to enjoy sex more. The preliminaries in sex create a lot of complicity, because they are intimate games between two lovers who know each other and love each other.

4. We know that there is no real scientific basis for food aphrodisiacs , but it can be fun and they will not hurt you either. A dinner with oysters, a bottle of champagne or a delicious chocolate dessert that you can savor in the body of your partner, can be a good spur to optimal sexual functioning.

5. Make it a massage energetic. It is usually highly favorable as an enhancement of desire, allowing to restore the muscular vigor that is essential to maintain satisfactory sexual relations. Use any cream or baby oil. You can innovate with oils aromatics for massages, candles and functional music, stimulating more than one sense.


When to visit the doctor

If after trying these tips, your partner still does not overcome the lack of sexual desire, it is advisable to visit the doctor because it may be a physical or hormonal problem.

You must be careful: it is very different to want to increase the passion to have a physical problem. Sometimes the advice of a psychologist or psychotherapist can be very useful. Meanwhile, enjoy these tips, practice them as much as you can and enjoy each other.

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