5 aromatic essences of sensuality

Did you know that aromatic essences are capable of enhancing the senses and the sensuality up to unknown limits? The power of smells, their ability to evoke memories or to produce sensations relaxing or stimulants is something that has been known since antiquity.

Certain combinations of essential oils can ensure, for example, an intense night of passion . In GetQoralHealth we recommend 5 essences ideal to increase the pleasure in your relationship.

1. Jasmine . Since time immemorial, jasmine is considered one of the most aromas exciting . This delicate flower from a climbing plant of Arab origin has an intense, persistent aroma, with a very pleasant sweet touch. Many say that it is the most "feminine" smell, the one that can attract a man the most. In aromatherapy it is considered to have an effect relaxing , enveloping and able to enhance the sensuality .  

2. Cinnamon It smells as good as it tastes. It is an excellent natural aphrodisiac, perfect as the end of a romantic dinner. Its essential oil gives off a smell full of sensuality and rich in nuances. Cinnamon stimulates the circulatory system and awakens sensations pleasurable at brain . As a consequence, the libido appears on the scene.

3. Ginger . It has a strong smell, with a powerful stimulating effect, able to imperceptibly raise the body and environmental temperature. It works as excellent antidepressant , toning body and spirit. Its particular aroma makes it more pleasant combined with other oils such as cinnamon or lavender, which are softer.

4. Sandalwood. Originally from India, he is credited with the ability to attract positive energies and to provide harmony and spiritual balance . For centuries, women in India have used the leaves of this sacred tree to perfume themselves and attract men. It is an excellent relaxing which helps open the mind and eliminate barriers and prejudices. Its aroma is easily recognizable, intense and very sensual .  

5. Vanilla . Originally from Mexico, vanilla is considered a potent aphrodisiac , with its enveloping fragrance that invites you to let yourself go. Secret of gods for some, the essence of vanilla gives off tranquility, familiarity and an aroma that enhances natural scents, something that awakens the most basic instincts.

There is no doubt that the sense of smell is especially sensitive and powerful.

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