Crazing Curvature

Although beauty standards are altered on a daily basis, what does not change is that mens Modern women still prefer women whose body is curved , specifically in the part of the back and buttocks, reveals a new study.

The researchers of the University of Texas reveal that men like women with a "Theoretically optimal angle of lumbar curvature"That is to say, the size of the back to the gluteus is 45.5 degrees , which is related to better support multiple pregnancies.


This is further proof that beauty is not totally arbitrary, nor is it far from the eyes of the spectator, as it is usually thought in the dominant social science, rather it has a logic of coherent adaptation, "says David Buss , coauthor of the study and professor of psychology of the UT.


Crazing Curvature

To reach this conclusion, the researchers conducted two studies. In the first one, they analyzed the vertebral wedging , an underlying characteristic of the column that can influence the curve Real of the lower back.

They asked 100 men to evaluate the attractive of several manipulated images that showed the entire natural spectrum of curves of the spine. And they found that they felt more attracted to women with the hypothetical optimum of 45 degrees of lumbar curvature.

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