8 strategies to eat healthy

Maintaining a stable weight and a slim figure is easier when you change some habits in your life and you accustom your body to a natural diet free of fats or processed products, but how to eat healthy?

According to information published in The Huffington Post , there are some strategies that will help you improve your diet so that you enjoy good physical and mental health.

1. Increase the intake of raw foods. In this way you take more advantage of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, probiotics and enzymes, which will help protect your body from diseases.

2. Avoid unnecessary snacks. Specialists recommend making five meals a day to maintain a healthy weight, so avoid all cravings that can affect your meal plan. The nutritionist Karla Reyes, from Sport City , explains how to achieve it:

3. Grow your own food. You can create a small garden in your house where you can get vegetables free of pesticides and fertilizers. In addition, gardening will help you to be in shape.

4. Plan a weekly menu. It will help you control the calories and fats of food to maintain a stable weight. In addition, your pocket will benefit because you can buy wholesale food to cook your dishes.

5. Moderation. Small portions improve your digestion, reduce inflammation and you will spend less on your menu. Wait five to 10 minutes before serving a little more food, so your brain will have time to assimilate the feeling of satisfaction.

6. Kitchen in your house. In this way you maintain control of the hygiene, quality and quantity of your food. Try to use organic ingredients and low-calorie recipes.

7. Seasonal food. These products will give you the nutrients that your body needs at certain times of the year to protect it from diseases.

8. Look for company in the food. According to the portal HelpGuide.org Eating with other people gives you emotional and social benefits, but avoids distractions like television or computer.

Remember that you should not completely eliminate the foods you currently enjoy, over time learn to substitute them for something more healthy in the long term. With it you will get more energy and you will have a better mood. Get active and do your part to eat healthy!

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