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Lighting a man's desire can go beyond just getting a sexual response. It is a game in a couple that leads to different temperatures, to explore new sensations or to experience them in a more intense way. If you want to know thethings that excite men more , follow these recommendations of the sexologist David Barrios.

1. A woman without inhibitions . When they enjoy sexuality in total freedom and without taboos, they are extremely provocative for them. Few men recognize it, but it is commonly said that the ideal woman "speaks little and does a lot".

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2. Lingerie. It is another of the things that excite men more . For most of them, the thin and detailed lingerie is something that provokes them. Even for some it can be a fetishism because it suggests a woman's underwear (more than what is seen), and a good combination of colors, textures and materials.

3. Talk to their ears. If you whisper in a sensual voice how much you want it, and what you want it to do to you, the result will be a huge sexual response and your excitement will go to the clouds. They prefer to hear things such and sometimes, risqué.

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4. The prohibited. Make your imagination fly with details that do not wait, can be from a caress in a busy place without anyone noticing, to whisper in your ear that you're not wearing underwear. Your imagination will surely make you think a thousand and one fantasies.

5. Provocative clothing. One of the most exciting things for a man is to see his partner with tight jeans, a neckline that lets see a little further or a suggestive skirt. Strolling in this way in front of them will ignite their desire and the result will be more than evident.

Remember that thethings that excite men more They begin with the security you have of yourself. Enjoy and enjoy fully.


Because you read this ...

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