They reward health research

The research and development of new technologies and the use of science in Mexico seemed to be behind until recently.

According to "Study of Scientific and Technological Production in University-Business collaboration in Ibero-America" , elaborated by the group SCImago , Mexico ranks third in research development with 114 registered patents.


They recognize the best


There are different organizations that promote training and the promotion of Mexican researchers , such is the case of the pharmaceutical Roche.


For more than 20 years, the pharmaceutical company has awarded Mexican researchers with the recognition "Dr. Jorge Rosenkranz " , with the aim of promoting scientific research in the country and supporting the work of Mexican researchers . Learn more about some research areas:


Research areas


Clinic. The search for particular characteristics of a disease or the effect of different medications could allow the development of new therapeutic targets and with this, a more personalized treatment.


The recognition was obtained by the doctor Jaime Berume n and collaborators of General Hospital of Mexico and School of Medicine of the UNAM, for their work:


"The messenger RNA of the CDKN3 gene is a good marker of survival and a potential therapeutic target in patients with cervical cancer".


Epidemiological. The distribution and determinants of events related to the health of the population are studied to determine the cause or causes of them.


The recognition was given to doctor Luis Ernesto Simental Mendía, from the Biomedical Research Unit of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) of Durango for his work on:


"Relation of elevated triglyceride levels with the action and secretion of insulin in healthy children and adolescents with normal weight".


Biotechnology . Scientists are looking for ways to take advantage of the "biological technology" of living beings to generate healthier foods, better medicines, less contaminants and even systems to eliminate pollution.


In the corresponding to the basic area the Dr. Claudia González Espinosa and collaborators of Department of Pharmacology of Cinvestav , obtained this recognition for the investigation of:


Molecular basis of morphine-induced immunosuppression: cross-communication between u-opioid and Toll like-4 receptors (TLR-4) in mast cells.


Thanks to altruistic participation and research, the community can benefit significantly by finding new ways of dealing with a medical problem. What you think?

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