Self-esteem, key to an erection

Erection problems tend to be more common as you get older, but can affect men at any age and at any time in their lives. Physical causes are more common in older men, while psychological causes are more common in younger men.

According to specialists from Medical Boston Group , the psychological causes are of the recurrent when talking about erection problems in young and sexually active men; However, beyond just stress, anxiety or depression, there are some factors that contribute to having erection problems.

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Self-esteem, key to an erection

In the intimacy, confidence and security are basic for a man to have a good sexual performance, but also, during the previous games that generate the excitement necessary for an erection, certain details can happen on their part (although in tastes they break genres) that are uncomfortably common and can "kill a man's erection," according to

1. Comparisons. Just at the moment of greater intensity during the previous games, some women can escape comments about size, expectations or about their previous sexual experiences, which can affect the confidence in some men.

2. Bad smell. Hygiene is a basic aspect in a person to generate attraction, particularly genital hygiene, which, if neglected, may emit certain aromas not so pleasant.

3. Vellosity. It is not possible to generalize, however, in many of the Latin American cultures, the ideal of female beauty does not imply leaving the hair in the armpits or legs, and when it is exposed in privacy, it can cause certain reactions that influence the loss of an erection

4. Crying It is perhaps one of the things that can most disconcert a man at the peak of his excitement. Perhaps due to emotional or hormonal issues, seeing a woman crying takes away the sensual immediately and, therefore, that moment of passion is lost.

5. Laughter . As in the case of crying, when a woman laughs in intimacy, for no apparent reason, it can hurt the susceptibility of certain men, making them believe that they mock and reduce their safety.

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In general, to avoid problems of erection of psychological origin it is vital to have a good self-esteem. It is important to keep in mind that the above factors do not constitute a norm, however, if they can interfere in male sexual performance.

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