Liberating yoga of suffering

Unquestionably, there comes a point in our lives where we observe the world around us and we decide that there has to be a change. A great day illuminates the way and we see that we can not continue to watch passively, the suffering that exists in our world.

Almost always, based on this idea, we begin to try to convince others to make a change, or we try to modify something in our environment.

Although the intentions are extraordinary, the Master Patanjali reminds us in his texts of the Yoga Sutras , that this is nothing but ignorance, since we can never really change anything, before healing ourselves. Change always begins in us.

If we really want to relieve the world of suffering, we have to start by ending our pain first, this is where the yoga . Every time you practice this discipline and show more tolerance and smile more, that day, the whole world will feel a transformation.

Actually it's a very wise vision that connects even more with the concept of yoga (union) and with the truth of the interconnection of everyone and everything. What is a reality is that when we are happy we spread joys and when we live in pain, we extend suffering to the world.

This idea would seem not to be so important if we perceive it from the dualistic view in which nothing has to do with the reality of others in my life, but this being another great point where ignorance is shown, we can imagine the impact it has, the one that each person was a little bit healthier and the universe will embrace these feelings giving us more joys and full feelings. Remember that you can contact me at:

Video Medicine: Complete Yoga Sutras 19 - Liberation from suffering (May 2021).