For many, love is an explosion of sensations and feelings that with time they are diminishing, happening the euphoria to the tranquility. However, beyond believing that it is a biological process that tends to die, people let it disappear, in most cases for not expressing a word: "I love you."

According to a study by the University of Syracuse, in New York, Love at first sight exists. This is because it only takes a fifth of a second to fall in love, since at that moment it is enough for the brain 12 different areas are activated and released dopamine : the hormone of love


A "I love you" without words ...

For the therapist Oveida Rosales , the demonstration of love causes the other person to be motivated to continue loving. Feeling loved makes you love. When one does not feel loved he becomes ill, so it is necessary that the partner verbally and non-verbally express that love, and reach the other person, who feels true.

Send a card to your work that says: "I was thinking of you" or "You are the best in my life."

Therefore we present the following ways of saying "I love you" without words , with information from Psychotherapist Luis Venegas, International affiliate to the America Psychological Association (APA). Try it!

1. The road back home is a great opportunity. Make a stop! Choose something that you like partner . Maybe it's a special flavor of ice cream, a pizza, the new book by your favorite author or a movie. The important thing is to enjoy that moment without flaunting them.

2. Give him that secret look. Smile in a way that only the two understand. Without needing to say anything. A wink, a nod or another signal that the two have established that means "I love you".

3. Place a note with a support message emotional in your wallet or in your bag.

4. Show that you are trying to correct the habit that bothers your partner. Example, stop smoking.

5. Send a card to your work that says: "I was thinking of you" or "You are the best in my life."

6. Do a good deed for your partner. One that you generally avoid and that your partner does; example, wash the dishes.

7. Write your anniversary date in a place that your partner sees it.

8. A soft caress at least once a day.

Love as all feelings, and relationships, are built with the passage of time, dedication, patience, but above all communication. Do not forget!

Video Medicine: 20 Ways To Say ‘I Love You’ Without Speaking Those Words (August 2020).