Laughter yoga te autosana

The "Laughter yoga" or "laughter yoga "Is a concept introduced by Madan Kataria , a doctor from India, who in 1995 wrote an article entitled: Laughter: The Best Medicine. It arises from the premise that everyone can laugh without the need to hear jokes or attend comedy sessions, in order to reduce our levels of stress

The practice of this technique combines exercises pranayama of yoga with fast diaphragmatic contractions of stimulated laughter. This provides the benefit of a genuine laugh from the abdomen that helps reduce the stress , relieve tension and improve the humor .

Whether we laugh for real or just simulate laughing, our body does not recognize the difference, thus obtaining the benefits physiological , biochemical Y psychological , thanks to the secretion by the brain of endorphins and other "wellness" chemicals during the act of laughing.

During the practice of laughter yoga, the laughter starts like a exercise group and soon it becomes real and contagious, thanks to the eye contact and the cultivation of a childish and playful attitude.


Some benefits of laughter ... infallible remedy!

For the French doctor Pierre Vachet , one of the most recognized scholars of the power of laughter, among the most immediate benefits include the increase in Respiratory capacity , the expansion of blood vessels , the elevation of the blood supply to tissues , the increase in hormonal secretion , acceleration of tissue repair and stabilization of body functions.

It is also an antidote to the depression and the psychosomatic diseases , because it frees serotonins , natural hormones that act as an antidepressant. And the list of benefits does not stop:

  1. Softens the most painful emotions, such as fear, anger, sadness and boredom
  2. It increases our social skills and facilitates communication, which improves our self-esteem
  3. It allows us to break our blockages and inhibitions
  4. It diminishes our tendency towards criticism and judgment towards the people around us
  5. It decreases our anxiety levels and makes us feel more secure

A good laugh also gives us a better perspective of life, allowing us to face the challenges and difficulties with a better attitude.

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Video Medicine: Laughter yoga: laughing away the stress (May 2024).