Asanas to reduce fatigue

In Mexico, 46% of the workers Expresses feeling tired laboriously This is because they say they have not taken holidays , due to the fatigue accumulated throughout the year, overwork, as well as economic pressures. If it is your case, you are asanas for reduce the fatigue they could help you


A study of University of California in San Francisco, United States, indicates the yoga has the potential to significantly reduce the fatigue , since it is a technique that helps the relaxation" .

For Burgin Rimoteo , instructor Y founder of Acuyoga , this practice is recommended as a treatment effective to reduce fatigue.


When combining movement, meditation , as well as breathing Y reduction of the stress it stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system that helprest and that the body recovers from the pressures ", adds Burgin .

One more explanation of why certain asanas yoga help reduce the fatigue it's because they produce effects soothing that help you sleep better.

In addition, the movements or postures increase the Blood flow , oxygen and nutrients in the body, which increase the physical energy .

So the yoga is an effective technique that by putting it into practice, it improves the body energy , mental Y emotional .

With the video that we present you can perform some asanas, which will undoubtedly raise your energy. Are you willing to put them into practice?

Video Medicine: Yoga Therapy - Reduce Fatigue and Lethargy (December 2021).