Learn to read labels, especially fats and sugars!

For lack of time we believe that eating "anything" that we find on our way as tamale cake, stew tacos, basket tacos, a yogurt and a bar, is very healthy. And it's just the opposite, the less you eat the more you will gain weight.

The less food you eat, your body gets used to survive with little energy (calories) and that is why the metabolism slows down. The slower it is, anything you swallow will make you fat.

In contrast, when you eat every three or four hours, the body and metabolism remain active, and therefore, you burn fat.

On the other hand, if you consume a fast-food package at mid-day, you will be eating little in volume but with many calories that come from fat.


Learn to read labels, especially fats and sugars!

The term light can be reduced in fat, sugar or sodium. All low fat products must be less than 3g of fat per serving.

If some movie popcorn, with nachos and chocolate add up to 99g of fat and you are on a weight reduction plan and you get 30g a day, you will be consuming the 3 days, although in calories you are consuming only 800kcal. In this case it is a product not so high in calories but with fat for 3 days.

Meanwhile, a light product can also be low or no sugar. For example, cakes or sweets with sugar substitutes contain butter, flour, egg, milk, etc. Therefore, they only have a small reduction in their calories for not containing sugar, but not for that, you can eat all the cake.


Watch your diet every day!

Eating two full meals a day full of fat and calories can spoil your whole week of reduction diet.

Take a look at the calories and fat in these foods and how many days you're spoiling.

Video Medicine: Food Label Smarts (February 2023).