Know the symptoms and take care in time!

Dry eye is one of the most common problems for which people turn to their ophthalmologist, however, there are degrees of severity that require specialized treatments. So how do you relieve a chronic dry eye?

In accordance with Mayo Clinic, Intense pulsed light therapy (IPL), used at their Arizona facility, is very useful for treating chronic dry eye.

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The specialists detail that this type of treatment is directed towards patients suffering from dry eye due to excess evaporation, that is, when there is an inflammation of the eyelid skin that does not allow the production of natural fat to reduce the evaporation of tears .

This therapy consists in directing flashes of light towards the lower eyelids and upper part of the cheeks to warm the glands that are obstructed with some secretion. Afterwards, the doctor can manually squeeze this substance.

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The majority of patients require four monthly treatments to obtain the maximum result, although you may notice a temporary improvement after the first consultation.

Severely affected patients with dry eye due to excess evaporation are recommended to receive maintenance treatments every three to six months.


Know the symptoms and take care in time!

Patients with chronic dry eye have a burning sensation, or have sand, blurred vision and redness.

When the condition is not chronic, these symptoms can be reduced with medications and daily ointments that help nourish the surface of the eye. In certain cases, supplements of omega 3 fatty acids and topical steroids are prescribed.

Experts warn that when the dry eye is not treated, it can cause poor vision and scarring of the eyes. And you, how do you take care of the health of your eyes?

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