John Mayer suffers from granuloma

The Grammy winner, John Mayer , suffers from disease of the throat called granuloma , so he had to suspend all his concerts and postpone the release of his new album.

Based on information from Huffington Post , the musician says he has the best doctors to take his treatment, so he hopes to return to the stage soon.

What is granuloma?

It is a inflammation that is presented through nodules , which are formed by conjunctive tissue very vascularized and infiltrated polymorphic cells (histiocytes, leukocytes, plasma cells).

The most common symptoms of this disease are:

  1. Hoarsely
  2. Constant pain and clearing of the throat
  3. Cough (sometimes with blood )
  4. The constant feeling that there is a knot in the throat

The granulomas are generated by the gastroesophageal reflux , the excessive use, or misuse, of the voice, and by the use of tubes of breathing .

Its detection is carried out through a laryngoscopy , where an endoscope is inserted through throat to visualize the injury . Treatment options include surgical removal of the nodule or injection of botulinum toxin (known as Botox ) on the vocal cords.

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