Increase its size

Even if it seems strange to you, a study reveals that if you leave the lack of sex affects the breasts.

The investigation made by the International Institute of Epidemiology ensures that breasts They have nervous connections that have an impact on health and fitness. You want to know more? Take note.


Increase its size

The excitement of the sexual encounter causes the breasts to swell. It is not that your bra size increases but the effect lasts one hour after intimacy.


Low sensitivity

The lack of sex affects the breasts causing the woman not to have orgasms in this area.


They lose their firmness

The skin tissue loses its elasticity simply because it is not stimulated breasts . The skin-to-skin contact and the rubbing of the couple's firm hands are very helpful.


Impacts self-esteem

The impact at the psychological level is high. Being intimate makes people feel proud because they see how much the couple enjoys, regardless of the size of your breasts Have, men love them.


Increase the risk of cancer

A study published in the Journal Medical Hyphoteses It shows that women who have sex at least once a month are at lower risk of getting cancer.

Accepting your body, loving it and taking care of it is part of your life. Take care of yourself and prevent the lack of sex affects the breasts.


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