Beautiful looks in older adults

They say that eyes they are the window of the soul. In many elderly people this is a certainty, especially if it is those looks full of wisdom and sweetness.

Therefore, the care of the eyes, from the point of view ophthalmologic It is fundamental, as it is also to choose good and attractive frames or know how to adapt to the use of contact lenses.

Fortunately, there have been the days of unsightly glasses that only aged grandmothers or grandparents; today, the optical They offer fashion and versatility.

Without a good ophthalmological evaluation, elderly people with visual impairments have their autonomy reduced and even put their health at risk.

A study published in the British Medical Journal, showed that the active elderly people who use multifocal lenses and perform outdoor activities reduce your risk of falls compared to those who only use unifocal lenses or distance vision lenses. In this regard, the market also offers several options.


Female glow

Fair makeup for older women

And if the medical issue is vital for an active and independent older adult, the matter of makeup is no less so.

The Foundation for the Woman of Advanced Age of the United States, indicates that many older women develop over time a passive attitude towards the makeup not because of lack of interest, but because they are unable to find natural products suitable for their age.

The makeup, the organization argues, can help improve the quality of life in elderly women by providing the appearance of a soft and well-toned skin which, in turn, improves their emotional well-being.

How to look with beautiful eyes

Hence the importance, from the psychological point of view, of makeup therapy that is frequently used in hospitals and nursing homes.

The experts offer some useful tips when it comes to makeup the eyes:

  • Use shades of beige, pale pink or light brown in the shadows, never strident or very dark colors
  • To delineate, use a creamy, gray or brown pencil and apply a thin, firm and even line just above the lashes
  • As for the mascara, do not apply more than one layer.
  • Remember that excess makeup accentuates imperfections and does not look good.

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