It does not matter age or sex!

Do you live with stress to the fullest and do nothing to reduce it? A study of Institute of Epidemiology 2, at the Helmholtz Zentrum München, in Germany , suggests that work stress increases the risk of developing diabetes type 2

The specialists detail that people who experience a great nervous tension and many pressures in their work, to the degree of not controlling the activities to relax, have a 45% more risk of developing diabetes .

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It does not matter age or sex!

The research mentions that regardless of age, sex or if obesity occurs, the diabetes It develops more easily in stressed people.

Meanwhile, another study of the Center for research in Psychology in somatic diseases, of the Tiburg University , in the Netherlands, mentions that chronic emotional stress is a risk factor established for the development of depression, one of the main triggers of type 2 diabetes.


"The different forms of emotional stress are associated with an increased risk for the development of diabetes type 2, particularly depression, general emotional stress, anxiety, anger / hostility, and trouble sleeping. "

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) there are 220 million people in the world who suffer diabetes mellitus type 2, so it is important that companies create programs that help them manage stress and prevent this type of disease.

In addition, alternative therapies such as yoga, meditation, massage and aromatherapy can improve your quality of life by reducing stress levels in your body. And you, do you give yourself time to enjoy life without stress?

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