Identify these factors so that you enjoy the courses!

The reasons to send to your children Summer courses can be many and the probability that they attend is very high. Maybe you do it because you work and do not have time to take care of them; because they obtained low qualifications in some subjects and they must reinforce knowledge or, perhaps, it turns out to be a good option so that they entertain themselves in something useful during the holidays, points out Carlos Armando Ávila Cota, Amco pedagogical consultant.

It is important, as parents, to determine if it is convenient and useful for them to children continue with structured activities and fixed schedules during your vacations. The truth is that these courses can be of great help to mom and dad, if both work, although they can also be an option to carry out activities that help the formation and entertainment of children during the holiday period.

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However, it is advisable to choose the type of course, according to the interests or needs of the children, since the offer of experiences during the summer is varied, from recreational, artistic and sports activities to academic, points out Carlos Ávila, Amco pedagogical consultant, leader in research, development and implementation of educational methodologies.

A point to consider when choosing a course of summer It is the lifestyle that we currently have, which has generated a drastic change in relation to the education, learning and recreation activities of the new generations, so that every day there is a greater need to have experiences that contribute to the integral development of the children.


Identify these factors so that you enjoy the courses!

Aspects that you must take into account to choose a course of summer :


  1. That it is useful, attractive or necessary for the boy or girl and, above all, that it helps the empowerment of his multiple intelligences.
  2. That the children participate in the analysis of options and the choice of the course; It is important that you present alternatives based on your abilities and tastes.
  3. That the teaching staff is trained and knows how to guide children to take advantage of their full potential.
  4. That the schedule allows the children to have time to perform other recreational activities that contribute to their integral development.
  5. That the facilities are in a safe, clean and adequate for the type of activities offered.

On the other hand, technological advances lead to the so-called "Net generation"; to be seated hours and hours in front of the computer, and to avoid this sedentarismo the summer courses can be a means to take the children to other scenes and to enrich their experiences of life.

For example, taking them to open spaces, to a summer camp, will allow coexistence and communication with other children to be direct and not through a social network over the internet.

However, the most important thing that parents have to consider before making a decision is that their children want to live the experience, because summer courses should not become a "punishment", because if the children feel " Annoyed "by participating in them, this will consequently bring a permanent demotivation when returning to school.

The choice of a summer course should be a moment of dialogue and family agreement, because when children they have options to choose from, they feel safe and taken into account, their self-esteem is strengthened and, most importantly, they want to live the experience and make the most of it, concludes Carlos Ávila.

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