What do boys and girls play today?

You can see them little on the street. Before, boys and girls played in parks and any object was a stimulus for the imagination . They believed in the blue princes and the princesses of the stories and it was enough for them to jump the rope or play the "plane" to be happy. Today, things have changed and it seems that almost all children only entertain themselves through a video game.

The image about the imagination

In the opinion of Alicia Díaz Farina, psychoanalyst and director of Psychologists and Psychiatrists of Buenos Aires (Argentina), nowadays the world of videogames is growing, and it is increasingly dazzling and fast.

"The image is fundamental at this time. visual stimuli permanent And there is the computer. It has to its favor that it develops the intelligence, but its vertiginosidad can be excessive. "

The success of the virtual is relegating the role of traditional toys, which could be built, touched or smelled.

"The age of playing with toys it gets shorter: before, girls played dolls until they were 10 or 11 years old. Now, at seven they already want a computer ", Says Miguel Faraoni, president of the Argentine Chamber of the Toy Industry.

Yesterday's games vs today's technology

In 1994, the Mexican playwright Rafael Pimentel wrote the play "Better we play", with the purpose of motivating children to practice the games of yesteryear, like the donkey, the acitrón, the string and, of course, the imagination .

In the words of the author: "We live in a time when our technology has sentenced the child to no participation, has alienated him since he looks innocent to multicolored screens that manipulate him, instruments for which he has abandoned the pursuit of playful activities who build, with imagination and action, a creative character. Today's children no longer play without violence, they get bored, they die without reaching the fullness ".

For Hilda Cañeque, an expert in Educational Sciences of the Latin American Federation of Toy libraries, "the big problem arises when technology is presented without order." That is, the question is that parents dosificar contact with technology and help your children to discriminate the harmful contents.Of us depends the game of the PlayStation or the soccer ball.

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