Humor changes

The menstrual cycle usually lasts 28 days but what is what happens in your body when it lowers you ?

At the time when bleeding occurs, the ovules that were not fertilized and are released by means of menstruation.

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The ovary releases different steroid hormones during the menstrual cycle:





Hormones are the culprits of your mood swings.

This is what happens physically, but there are "curiosities" in menstruation that you did not know ...


Humor changes

It is known that when women are in "their days" there are very drastic mood swings.

Recent studies reveal that women who have a bleeding of 3 to 6 days, have more frequent and drastic mood swings.


It can cause death

According to a study conducted in the Mayo Clinic , the toxic shock syndrome can cause death.

When women do not regularly change their plugs during menstruation, a bacteria called staphylococcus can occur. It is a bacterium that normally manifests


However, when the bacteria is not detected early, it can cause the infection to spread to internal organs. This could be complicated and lethal to health.


Delayed menstruation due to illness

The delay of menstrual bleeding may be due to some disease.

The most common diseases that delay menstruation are: cancer, cardiovascular diseases and the problem of thyroid gland .


Produces stem cells

Stem cells are produced during the menstrual cycle.

The mother cells They are activated when a sick person and help to fight the disease.

These cells prevent premature aging and keep us healthy.

This is something of what happens in your body when it lowers you


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