How to know if my period is regular?

As women, we always have the doubt of when is the most fertile day of our cycle, the important thing is to be clear that not all cycles they are the same and that even in periods irregular you must learn to detect your regularity and thus be able to know which day is the most fertile to be pregnant .

Because of that, we ask exclusively for GetQoralHealth to Dr. Sara Morales López , specialist in Gynecology of the Faculty of Medicine of the UNAM , how can we determine our most fertile day and here we explain it to you:


The normal thing is that you are more fertile 2 days before the middle of the menstrual cycle, which is the hormonal peak and 2 days later; in total they are 5 days of risk or probability of pregnancy "

The most fertile day is when ovulate, which is generally halfway through the cycle thanks to the hormones and it is up to each woman to identify with the help of a specialist, if her normal cycle is 28 or 30 days,


The most important thing first is to know how is my menstrual cycle , how am I and learn to take control of my routine so that I do not fail

On the most fertile day, the temperature of our body increases and that is when the Ovum


How to know if my period is regular?

A period can be regular if it occurs every 28 to 30 days, considering the fertile day the day 14 or 15 of menstrual cycle, but if you do not know your cycle, even within your irregularity, there must be a constant.


If I am irregular , I must know my cycle and mark in the calendar the dates of menstruation to define with a specialist, when there is more probability of ovulate and know when there is a risk of getting pregnant "


Why can the cycle be irregular?

According to the specialist, up to 80% of women can present a regular cycle , although it is increasingly common absence of the period due to emotional factors such as stress and the hectic pace of life that we take where there are external stimuli that we alter .


How to use contraceptives?

The dr. Sara Morales advised to choose a contraceptive method according to if we have a partner stable or if they are relationships sporadic .


Have a condom at hand is the rule for all my students. The women should always have this mode of protection, we do not have to leave that responsibility to the man, because in addition to unwanted pregnancy, there are serious diseases sexual contact "

Remember that although the generality is that in half the cycle ovulation happens and be the most fertile day, If you are irregular, you should take care of your anticoceptive methods and not rely on the rhythm or calendar method alone.


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