Foods reflect your level of health

The saying: "You are what you eat" is undoubtedly a great truth, since sometimes the combination of certain foods, as well as the quantity or lack of some nutrients, cause problems that reduce our quality of life, so here We say what role nutrition plays in our lives.

Today, in some parts of the world, Nutritionist's Day , although in Mexico, there is a Nutrition and Food Science career, there is no profession for the nutritionist.

However, the purpose is the same: Learn to feed ourselves; be healthy, thin and healthy. And it is that during the last five years, this race has blunted, because people begin to worry about their body and want to look better.

Learning to eat, synonym of life

According to the nutritionist, Érika González an adequate diet provides relief to mental health, increases energy levels and allows you to have a comfortable and restful sleep.

Having a balanced diet, combining fats, vegetables, proteins, fruits and liquids, allows the immune system to be strengthened and therefore, it is helpful to reverse or reduce the number of diseases or infections.


Pros of a good diet

1. Take a balanced diet, people lower their body fat and stay in shape.

2. Physical performance improves; People have more energy.

3. Joy increases; When a person feels and looks better, their endorphin levels are on the rise.


Choose to be well

1. To be healthy limits the consumption of fat and salt that you consume.

2. Reduce your alcohol intake.

3. Include spices and herbs in your food, as these are rich in phytochemicals and antioxidants.

Remember that eating in a balanced and nutritious way will allow you to have a better quality of life.

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