Dairy and ayurveda?

When a person suffers different diseases or have problems with some organic functions like breathe may be due to the food you eat in your daily diet, such as dairy products .

Most people consider that the dairy products they are a good source of proteins , calcium and helps calm the mind and emotions; However, not all individuals are able to consume it, according to the Ayurvedic medicine .


Dairy and ayurveda?

According to Ayurveda Center , this science of life divides into profiles or doshas to each of the physical constitutions of the people, that is, each individual has physical and spiritual characteristics that make them unique.

By knowing their dosha, people can live harmoniously with their body and with the world, by controlling behavior, mood, metabolism , diseases and nutrition.

For example, the profile known as kapha will have a better quality of life and will be able to breathe better if you abstain from consuming dairy products , since these favor the production of mucus due to its acid ph and its proteins.

Therefore, by restricting the consumption of dairy products Mucus disappears and the respiratory system is effectively released. It is also recommended to suspend your intake when there are flu-like or sinusitis , to reduce nasal congestion and have a correct breathing .

Enjoy a healthier life and an enviable figure to feed your body and take care of it according to the type of dosha What are you. And you, have you noticed any change in your breathing when consuming dairy?

Video Medicine: Ayurveda The Science of Life About Milk by Dr NanaSaheb Memane (December 2022).