Do not do it if you're tired!

The sleep disorders they are increasing, especially in young people. However, what factors influence this situation? Beyondl stress everyday life and habits, technology could be the culprit.

According to information from the Clinic of Sleep Disorders of the UNAM, the routine of many young people to leave the cell phone on and keep it close to them while they sleep, is an action that not only takes away the sleep but also produces the delayed phase syndrome of dream.

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Do not do it if you're tired!

However, sleeping badly produces something more than fatigue. There are actions that should not be performed if you have not rested well. Here we tell you some of them, with information from Huffington Post.

1. Driving. Drunk drivers and drowsy They double their chances of being responsible for an accident. In accordance with Christopher Drake, associate scientist at Henry Ford Hospital and the Detroit Research Center, He points out that only four hours of sleep loss have similar effects to losing six hours.

2. Make important decisions . There is greater brain activity in the areas that evaluate the positive results after the deprivation of the dream. There is also a decrease in activity in the areas of brain that evaluate the negative results. This interferes in achieving an accurate decision.

3. Avoid purchases. After sleeping for only four hours, people usually buy more foods and eat more calories. Especially if you are a woman, according to a study conducted by the Obesity Research Center at Columbia University.

4. Environment that produces it. Brag about it or expose how well you survive without having many hours of sleep not it's a good idea, since it generates stress and it can be harmful to health.

5. Fight with someone. Keeping a serious conversation with your romantic partner after a bad night is not a good idea. This is because the lack of sleep makes you more susceptible to your emotions . The brain is unable to put the emotional experience in context and control it, the expert says Matthew Walker

The dream is a necessary and natural action ofl body, and it is vital for all the functions of the organism to work properly. Remember that your health is in your hands. Beware!

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