Consumption of soft drinks in Mexico

Do you always fall into the temptation to take a soda ? You should think twice before doing it, since in addition to promoting obesity You run the risk of suffering diseases that endanger your life.

The consumption of sugary drinks generates around 184 thousand deaths of adults in the world every year, due to diseases such as diabetes , Cancer or cardiovascular , reveals an investigation carried out by the Tufts University , which has just been published in the Circulation specialized magazine.

It is worth mentioning that it is the first time that a scientific study has calculated the impact on health on a global scale of taking this type of drinks

The analysis also reveals that the 76% of deaths they were produced in countries with a medium or low income. Between the 20 countries with the largest population , Mexico had the highest death rate caused by these beverages , with almost 405 deaths per million adults.

In second place, but with a much smaller percentage was the United States, with 125 deaths per million people.

To make these estimates, the experts selected those refreshments , fruit drinks, energy drinks, sweet iced teas and homemade juices that contained at least 50 kilocalories per 23 centiliters.

The team measured their consumption with data obtained in 62 models of surveys on personal diet and on the availability of sugar in 187 countries. Finally, they used medical studies on the effects on health and statistical meta-analysis to calculate the direct impact on diabetes, and the indirect effects on the problems related to diabetes. obesity as the cardiovascular diseases , the diabetes and the Cancer .

By age, the percentage of deaths and chronic diseases caused by these drinks it was higher among young adults (under 45) than among older adults, those who were over 65 years old.

The conclusion of the study highlighted the need for programs worldwide to reduce or eliminate the consumption of sugary drinks in the diet of people as a preventive measure.


It is not a complicated problem to solve, since these drinks have no health benefits, so simply reducing consumption would avoid dozens of deaths every year, "says Mozaffarian.


Consumption of soft drinks in Mexico

Mexico is the fourth country with the highest consumption of refreshments , since each person drinks around 137 liters per year, according to an analysis of Euromonitor . However, the industry hardly grows, as consumers seek healthier products, which is becoming a threat to the performance of the soft drinks.

Thus, in terms of consumption, our country is located after Argentina, with a per capita consumption of 155 liters; United States with 154 and Chile with 141 liters.

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