Concentrate all your senses ...

These pregnant and you're worried about not identifying the time when the Birth ? Maybe it's time you know the symptoms of childbirth and how to react to each of them.

As you will discover, or as you have heard, know if the work of Birth It is not an easy task. Many pregnant women they think they are in "labor" and they still have several days left before their baby is born.

Do not worry, the most important thing is that you are calm in the pregnancy and prepare yourself for one of the most important days of your life. If after reading this article you have more questions, check with your doctor; He will be able to give you a more detailed guide; meanwhile, we present you with a general list of indicators that will help you to know if your work has already started Birth .

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Concentrate all your senses ...


  1. Contractions that increase in intensity . They occur at regular intervals and in an increasingly constant manner. In other words, you do not have Braxton Hicks contractions.
  2. You feel cramps and strong pains in your lower back. They do not diminish as time progresses.
  3. The fountain broke. Liquid outlet
  4. Secretion of cervical mucus with blood. The color is between red and brown. Most likely, this indicates that the mucous plug that blocks the cervix has come off and your uterus will begin to dilate.
  5. Diarrhea
  6. Your baby fits . That is to say, you feel that it is already accommodated in your pelvis and in position to be born.
  7. The baby moves less.

In addition, many women experience a phenomenon known as "nesting" before beginning the work of Birth . This is a sudden source of energy that prompts you to clean the house and order it to be ready for your baby's arrival.

Now you are ready to recognize when your childbirth Stay alert for any symptoms!

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