Chewing gum makes you smarter

You like the chewing gum ? Now one reason to prefer it is that chewing it for five minutes can be enough to improve people's cognitive functions, especially those of students, according to research conducted at the University of St. Lawrence, United States.

The study applied by psychology professor Serge Onyper, resulted in students chewing bubble gum for five minutes, before taking a test, they performed better than students who did not.

"Chewing induced by excitation" is attributed to the impulse, which lasts for the first 20 minutes or so. The chewing gum It offers students multiple advantages, but as long as they chew five minutes before the tests, not while they are being done, according to the university statement published on their website.

In this regard, Onyper explains that the possible reason why the beneficial effects of chewing bubble gum only extend for 15 to 20 minutes, apparently due to "a pooling of resources by cognitive and chewing processes."

In other words, you can not chew bubble gum and think in a productive way at the same time, according to the results of this study published in the journal Appetite.

It should be remembered that several studies have been published regarding chewing bubble gum and its advantages or benefits, among them that can help a better oral health and dental cleaning in a natural way (due to the abundant production of saliva), in the case of chewing gums sugarfree.

Also, other studies indicate that the chewing gum can help control the appetite and stimulate the feeling of satiety by the stomach movements that are involved in the action, certain ingredients of the chewing gum and the same production of saliva.

Although there are still studies that certify all these benefits, it is essential that you choose those chewing gum that they are free of sugar, that they have a smooth texture and consistency, to prevent oral lesions, and that you go regularly to your dentist.

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