Cayenne pepper to lose weight

Ingest Cayenne pepper to lose weight is a big help because it reduces the appetite and burns more calories than usual after each meal, especially if we do not usually consume this spice regularly, reveals a study of the Purdue University (U.S).

In the study, published in the journal Physiology & Behavior, the researchers demonstrate the beneficial effects of the spice in 25 subjects from quantities as small as one gram. In the experiments, the consumption of Cayenne pepper produced in all the participants that their body temperature rose and made them burn more calories, which caused an increase in their natural energy expenditure.

The researchers clarified that in people who are unaccustomed to consuming this spice, appetite is reduced considerably, especially in salty, fatty and sweet foods.

Take advantage of Cayenne pepper to your favor and try to consume it at least twice a week to potentiate its effects.

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