You look for the right occasion ...

Are you afraid of reaching orgasm? Fear is an emotion that not only prevents us from achieving erotic fullness, but also to experience the elements that could help us make each encounter more playful, pleasurable and sexy; example, sex toys.

According to an investigation carried out by Debra Herbenick, from the Indiana University Health Center, and published by the Journal of Sexual Medicine, 52% of the women surveyed indicated that they once used a vibrator.


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You look for the right occasion ...

For the psychologist clinical Hernán García Sarmiento, Sex toys are intended to enrich the intimate act, since they offer the couple the opportunity to vary, experiment and generate more trust between them.

However, these face a problem, at what point to introduce the sex toy in sexual relationships?

Because, GetQoralHealth, with information from the sexuality expert Elsy Reyes, we provide you with three sexual positions for your sex toy to participate:

1. The taming (both seated, you must be in front of him and turn his back). At the same time that you are penetrated, you can massage the clitoris through a bullet or a vibrating dildo, this will give you double stimulation. The same vibration and depending on the power of the toy, can reach the testicles of your partner, also creating much pleasure for both.

2. The subject (he lying on the bed and you on his hips with his back). You can use a vibrator or Thai balls, it is preferable that you have both toys, in this way he can stimulate your anus at the same time he does with your clitoris. It is important that you take into account that you can not pass the toy from one area to another without cleaning it before, since an infection can occur.

3. The catapult (on the bed, place your legs on your shoulders). As in all four-point postures or variations of the 'puppy', can be helped by certain harnesses that are helpful to maintain the position, give a touch of domination and even practicality. These are like bras that are placed in her pelvis and from which he pulls to make penetration more or less deep.

Remember, everything in sexuality is allowed, as long as there is respect and trust in the couple. In the use of sex toys you should also consider inviting lubricants and condoms, with the aim of avoiding injuries and illnesses.

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