3 mobile applications for cyclists

Currently there are various mobile apps to perform all kinds of sports activity; Such is the case of cycling or cycling, where cycling can not only become a companion exercise, but also a personal trainer, motivator and way of entertainment.

In this sense, technology can be a very functional tool for your physical activity, giving you the extra boost for better performance. Therefore, according to vitonica.com, we present some ideals for when you want to cycle or cycle:

1. MapMyRide . One of the mobile apps more efficient to track rhythm, distance, calories burned and time traveled, among other things.

It offers route maps and statistics in real time that, in turn, motivate you, through voice sounds on the spot. It can be synchronized with power, cadence and other sensors. It is available for free on iTunes for Iphone, iPad and iPod Touch and also on Google Play Store for Android phones.

2. B.iCycle . It helps you to have a detailed control of the routes, distances traveled and speed, as well as your performance because it records the calories burned in real time.

It is compatible with Google Earth, so you can see your routes without problems. Also, send your route by mail to save data on the PC, in order to track over time. The application is available for Android phones and Windows Phone for a fee.

3. Bike Brain. With the help of a GPS, this is one of the mobile apps They tell you exactly your location and detailed information about speed, distance, laps or intervals.

Also, if you use the bike as a means of transportation in the city, it shows you how much carbon dioxide you save when you travel instead of another motorized vehicle. It is available for free in the App Store for iPhone, although certain functions have an extra cost.

Take advantage of the advantages offered by these mobile applications when cycling. And there is no better way to do it than if you accompany us every Sunday on the walk Move on a bike , organized by the Secretary of the Environment of the Federal District . We wait for you at the stand of GetQoralHealth located in the Glorieta de la Palma, on Avenida de la Reforma.

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