Fanaticism detonates violence

The fanaticism it is a personal behavior that is generated by a low self-esteem , and includes various feelings such as longing, wish , idealization, frustrations, hopes; that is, the affected person gives priority to sentimental, emotional and emotional aspects.

Sometimes it is generated by interests unrelated to what is expected by the same person as is the social environment, which can increase the aggressiveness of the human being.

According to some specialists, the fanaticism it is the passion of a person who defends with excessive tenacity their beliefs or opinions; which in some cases, can lead to a violent behavior and irrational.

When some fanatics gather, these feelings are massified through an identification process, which creates emotions and uncontrollable situations, which trigger the violence , for example, in football stadiums.

Chaos in Cairo

A close example of fanaticism is the tragedy that arose in the football stadium of Port Said , where there was a balance of 74 dead and 180 injured after the battles of the batons of two Egyptian teams. The following video shows some scenes of what happened:

The riots spread through the city, where some vehicles were burned and fans caused damage to private businesses.

The authorities explained that most of the people who lost the lifetime it was because of fractures in the face and hemorrhages internal

The Egyptian Football Federation decided to suspend the championship of the first division in this country for an indefinite period due to the events in the city of Port Said.

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