Caresses at a distance

For some reason have you had to be away from your partner for some time and miss their kisses and their pampering? This is a thing of the past, because there is already a lingerie that will make you experience one of the types of unusual caresses: virtual.

Through the socks called Fundawear , designed for men and women, you can touch your partner when they are in different places, in order to maintain the passion and emotional bonds.

According to information published in , the design created by the company Durex Australia is characterized by transmitting the caresses of the couple through the Internet, as shown in the following video:

You only need to acquire underwear that has small buttons strategically placed to generate pleasure during the vibration. In addition, you have to download the application to your mobile phone with touch screen.

The app shows you the area where your touch will be felt, so you should only pass your finger over it so that your partner automatically feels the contact.

Currently, the firm is still in the development phase so, through its social networks, invites couples to try it and experience this type of caresses, which will keep you closer to your partner. And you, would you dare to wear this lingerie?