Cheese panela quesadilla

Some studies, specifically those of the University of Pennsylvania, suggest that dinner should be three hours before we go to bed; Of course, if our goal is to lose those extra kilos.


However, before the claim of our stomach at midnight, the vast majority decided to visit the refrigerator. And if the remorse will come after this night slip. There is no reason to feel guilty, since there are foods that we can eat at night.


Cheese panela quesadilla

Delicious and true! A study conducted by the National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health has revealed that the calories contributed by proteins (cheese, meat, chicken, egg ...) not only controls the appetite, it also stimulates the metabolism and the recovery of the body after an intense physical routine.


1. Cereal dish and milk lactose

Sleep is the only time the body takes to "repair" itself, so it requires energy. The protein intake, before sleeping, helps to maintain the constant flow of blood which helps to rebuild muscle tissues, cells and of course, burn fat.


2. Glass of milk

It is among the most effective dinners, and not because our mother gave it to us as children, but because it has tryptophan and amino acids, which promote the production of serotonin (sleep hormone).

Other foods that we can eat before going to bed are turkey ham, natural fish or a salad with pieces of cheese. It is only that we choose, of these, what we like the most!


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