Sedentary increases risk of heart attack

Recent studies of the magazine European Heart Journal conclude that people who have car and television are more likely to suffer cardiovascular diseases .

Having a car implies comfort, which prevents minimally any physical activity , like walking from the house to the super. On the other hand, sitting still watching television for a long time raises the systolic pressure (maximum value of the blood pressure ).

The sedentary lifestyle, potentially increases the risk of heart attack , more than the same diabetes and hypertension . Have a diet poor in fruits and vegetables, and the smoking they are also factors that harm the Health from your heart.

It is proven that the practice of exercise outdoors or during work time reduces up to 14% the risk of suffering a heart attack . Forget the car to go to the corner store, better walk, think that this way you save gas and burn calories .

Do exercise is one of the easiest, cheapest and most effective ways to avoid visiting the cardiologist .

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