Causes of red polka dots

When we talk about moles, we are attacked by doubts and fears, because we associate them with signs of skin cancer, but this is not always the case. The red or polka dots "nevus rufus", are a vascular dilation of small blood vessels, hence their bright red color.

Although they are not considered dangerous, their appearance is not completely normal, as it represents a slight inflammation or dilation. They are very intense ruby ​​red color and if diameter should not exceed one or two millimeters; They usually appear on the thorax, neck, back, extremities and rarely on the face.


Causes of red polka dots


  • Signs of age
  • Prolonged exposure to the sun
  • Alterations in liver function
  • They can appear during pregnancy
  • Excess toxins in the body
  • Bad nutrition
  • Family heritage
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Alteration in blood vessels



Dr. Salomon Jakubowicz, Research Doctor in Endocrinology, recommends that if you have many red spots, make a diagnosis of insulin resistance. Since there are people who undergo rigorous diets can have problems with low testosterone or women with hypothyroidism.

This is determined by blood tests and the results can indicate if it is the reason why you are getting more red spots.


They are dangerous?

The theme with moles is that we should be attentive to changes that may appear, in its texture, color, size, or if there is pain; It will be time to consult with the specialist to receive an appropriate treatment or eliminate them.

The only cause you should worry about is if there are several red spots on your back suddenly and that are asymmetrical. They could be an indicator of a health problem.

Despite the fact that the appearance of this type of moles can be cause for concern, if only the point or red relief is presented, there is nothing to worry about.

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