Castration prolongs the life of men

According to an investigation of the Inha University and Korea, the men castrated they can live longer, compared to the rest of the men, due to the low levels of testosterone presenting by the reduction of male hormones.

This study, published in Current Biology Journal, is based on the analysis of genealogical records of eunuchs belonging to the imperial court of the Chosun Korean dynasty, of which they recorded that these members lived between 14 and 19 years more than the other members.

Kyung-Jin Min, from the University of Inha and co-author of the investigation, explains that because the castration , increased the life expectancy in the eunuchs due to the reduction of male hormones, an effect that they consider feasible in these times.

The testosterone increases the risk of suffering cardiovascular diseases and reduces the immune functions of men, so that their life could be explained to the portal discoverynews .

On the other hand, Cheol-Koo Lee, Associate Professor, Faculty of Life Sciences and Biotechnology, University of Korea and coauthor, explains that due to the suppression of immune function by low testosterone, eunuchs could better overcome infections, which was another factor to extend their lives to more than 100 years, as they have registered.

In addition, this same condition is directly connected to a less violent behavior, so eunuchs were hardly seen in situations that put their lives at risk.

While the castration It was a common practice in imperial circles, due to the functions exercised by eunuchs, it is currently considered almost impossible for any man to wish to undergo this procedure to live several more years.

Negative consequences of the castration such as "decreased libido, depression and loss of physical strength," reports Kyung-Jin Min.

However, the results of this research, according to the authors, may lead to new studies that allow us to extend the life of men from another perspective, whose average life fluctuates around 75 years.

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