Binge eating disorder is common in obesity

Many people have ever had a binge eating; however, this behavior transforms into a eating disorder when control is lost and happens with a certain frequency.

The Binge eating disorder It is characterized by recurrent intakes in which there is no compensatory behavior typical of the bulimia nervosa , which is the self-induction of threw up , Abuse of laxatives or other drugs, fast Y exercise excessive physical

People with obesity are the most likely to suffer this disorder . Thus, four out of ten overweight people are compulsive eaters.



1. Ingestion much faster than normal

2. Eat until you feel unpleasantly full

3. Ingestion of large amounts of food, despite not being hungry

4. Eat alone to prevent others from seeing how much you eat

5. Feeling disgusted with oneself, depressed or guilty after the binge

Marcela Arzaluz , nutritional coordinator of the Ellen West Foundation , explained in an interview for GetQoralHealth , what are the main characteristics of the compulsive eaters .

Frequently, people with this binge eating disorder use binge eating as a way to escape their emotions, to fill an internal vacuum or to evade stress , the anguish and the pain .

East eating disorder may be accompanied by feelings of guilt , sadness , maladjustment , social rejection, labor difficulties, difficulties in relationships with friends and family, as well as with possible partners, self-injury or suicidal ideas.

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