Being sedentary triggers colon cancer

Lead a life sedentary , have weight problems (overweight or obesity ), smoke and drink alcohol in excess, are factors that could trigger the colon cancer . However, if it is practiced exercise steadily, the danger of developing it is reduced by 40%.

In this regard, the doctor Billy Jiménez Bobabilla , specialist in colon and rectal cancer Angeles Lomas Hospital and the General Hospital of Mexico , affirmed: "Unfortunately it is a silent enemy; In its early stages it is asymptomatic, so when it is detected it is at very advanced levels, which reduces the chances of the patient's life ".

In this regard, the health expert said that in Mexico there are more than 150,000 cases of colorectal cancer every year: "A very significant figure is the case of young people; before this type of cancer was focused on the elderly, but it is not like that anymore ".

Jiménez Bobadilla gives you some recommendations to improve your lifestyle. Ensures that the key to any disease is the prevention :

  1. Do exercise regularly
  2. Consume free beverages alcohol and low in refined sugar
  3. Moderate the consumption of red meats , especially those processed (sausages, sausages), very cooked (burned) or in direct contact with the fire; this favors the appearance of substances with carcinogenic potential such as heterocyclic amines .
  4. Carry one diet rich in fiber , vegetables and fruit of all colors, because they have different elements that protect us from Cancer how are the antioxidants , minerals and vitamins.

If you add to this the constant consumption of water, vegetables and natural fruits, the risks of suffering colon cancer diminish. Here a video of the Spanish Association against cancer about this theme:

Remember that before the first annoyances as inflammation constant, constipation or bleeding in the feces, are "red" bulbs, so you urgently visit your doctor.

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