Spinning for men and women

There is exercise that is practiced within the four walls of a gym, but that transports us to the top of the mountains. In addition to using our imagination, spinning is a discipline created in the United States in the 90s that allows us to strengthen Y tone up the muscles , regardless of sex or age.

It is considered as a exercise aerobic of "low impact", which means that there is no risk to practice it, although it is important to take into account the physical condition of each person and not to exceed in their practice.


Advantages and disadvantages

According to the Spanish Federation of Aerobics and Fitness (FEDA), among its advantages it stands out that, in addition to burning calories , spinning offers excellent aerobic training, tonify the quadriceps (located on the front of the thighs) and the muscles external thighs. Is a exercise fun, hard and fast; the risk of injury is very low and leaves the buttocks very firm.

In addition, it improves the distribution of blood and his return; helps to reduce the cholesterol and the triglycerides , the obesity and intolerance to glucose .

However, one of the drawbacks is its cost, due to the fact that specialized bicycles are required, exercises They can not be done at home.

Something basic that you should not forget is that spinning exercises should always be done under the supervision of an instructor, since the movement and the wear and tear heart and it can become dangerous.

Do not think about it anymore, strengthen and tone your body with this fun exercise!

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