5 exercises to improve your eyesight

If you are one of the people who spend hours and hours in front of a computer screen, you should know that taking care of your eyes It's fundamental. No matter your age, or what you do.

For everyone it is known that, both studies and work today, require the use of technology most of the time, so it is very normal that we suffer from the tired eyesight . Pain in the eyes, closing of the eyelids without wanting it or the simple fact of seeing "black dots" in the air, are just some of the symptoms that your vision is damaged.

We share a series of exercises that, if you practice them daily, they will contribute to your eyes be more relaxed and can more easily face the daily routine.

5 exercises to optimize your vision

Inside of the yoga , there are certain exercises that help to relax our eyesight:

1. Blink often and, every ten minutes or so, fixes the view on an object as distant as possible for five or ten seconds.

2. Half-day is advisable to execute a simple tap exercise that favors the relaxation of the eyes and of the whole body. It is done sitting and consists of covering the eyes with the palm of the hands slightly hollowed, without getting to press the eyes. The fingers of one hand are placed on top of the other, on the forehead. Then they close their eyes, breathe deeply and one imagines that it is the eyes that are breathing.

This simple exercise It can last about ten minutes and can be repeated at the end of the working day, together with a circular massage of the eyes.

3. Changes in look. With your eyes open, look up and down, right and left and make a circle. You repeat it later with your eyes closed. Do it 3 times.

4. Blinks With eyes closed and relaxed, gently lift the upper eyelid. Close it again, until you feel it close to your eye and take it off again. Repeat it 5 to 10 times.

5. Pinches on the eyebrows . With the index and thumb fingers, pinch the inner part of the eyebrows (the part that is touching the eyebrows) and then follow the entire route from the eyebrows to small pinches. Repeat it 3 to 5 times.

Once you have finished with the routine, perform rotations with the neck to both sides to relax the muscles of your face. Remember that the movements should be very smooth and slow. If you are constant, you will notice the benefits.

What are you doing to protect your sight?

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