Multiple sclerosis in pregnancy

The multiple sclerosis It is an immune disease that damages the nervous system. However, it does not affect the ability to have a pregnancy.

The specialists suggest that fertility, the possibility of beginning and carrying out a pregnancy, is not conditioned by multiple sclerosis, since there are no hormonal anomalies in the patients, nor disorders in the genitals.

Multiple sclerosis is not considered as a hereditary disease or as an infectious disease, therefore, having a pregnancy in these conditions does not involve any risk, on the contrary it has benefits, as explained by the doctor Rosalía Vázquez Alfaro in the following video:

The delivery of a patient with multiple sclerosis is the same as that of a healthy woman. In general terms, a natural birth is preferable to a cesarean birth, but in any case, if necessary, a cesarean section can be performed without any problem.

With regard to the use of anesthesia, it can be performed both general and epidural. Caesarean section may be the most convenient in case there is a notable muscular rigidity in the lower extremities or serious alterations of sensitivity that may hinder a natural birth.

If you have multiple sclerosis and you want to get pregnant, it is essential that you talk to your doctor to guide you and advise you on what care you should have during this stage. Beware!

Video Medicine: MS Pregnancy Study (February 2023).