Low calorie grilled vegetable sandwich

Do you have a craving for a sandwich but are you afraid of gaining weight? There are foods that if you combine them properly can help you maintain your weight and enjoy those cravings. For example, the properties of thyme help prevent fluid retention and improve digestion.

According to the portal botanical-online , thyme is a plant that is used in the kitchen to flavor each dish; however, it improves your health by decreasing gastric and intestinal spasms, indigestion.

It is rich in iron, so it prevents anemia. Also, reduce menstrual pain and relax your body to forget about the heaviness and fatigue. To enjoy the properties of this plant we share the following recipe of the chef Pía Quintana :


Low calorie grilled vegetable sandwich

Ingredients for 18 pieces

  1. One eggplant and half sliced
  2. Two sliced ​​pumpkins
  3. Three peppers (green, red, yellow) open without seeds
  4. Half a cup of olive oil
  5. Two branches of fresh rosemary, finely chopped
  6. Three branches of fresh thyme, finely chopped
  7. A spoonful of dried oregano
  8. Half a cup of roasted tomatoes
  9. 250 grams of goat cheese, sliced ​​and without ash
  10. Pepper and salt to taste
  11. 6 teaspoons Dijon mustard
  12. 18 pieces of integral peasant bread


Preheat a grill over high heat. Arrange the aubergines on a tray, sprinkle salt and reserve for 15 minutes. Dries well with absorbent paper.

Mix the aubergines, pumpkins and peppers in a bowl. Add oil, rosemary, thyme and oregano. Season and reserve for 15 minutes.

Roast the vegetables for four minutes on each side and reserve. Cut the peppers into strips of approximately three centimeters.

In the top cover of the bread spread the mustard, place the vegetables, the roasted tomatoes and the goat cheese. With this dish you will fulfill your craving without breaking the diet. Advantage!

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