To relieve bad breath

Medicinal plants are one of the options that people who suffer fromhalitosis or bad breath you can use. Apart from not causing side effects, they are cheap compared to medical treatments.

The best way to deal with bad breath or halitosis is to go to a dentist. Your doctor can give you a global assessment of the condition. But if there are restrictions, such as financial issues, people can combat bad breath within the comfort of their own home.

The following are just some of the medicinal plants which have great potential in the treatment:

- Brush your teeth with sodium bicarbonate reduces the acid in the mouth and protects it against the presence of bacteria. Those who suffer from halitosis can use sodium bicarbonate as toothpaste to take advantage of its natural properties.

- Apple vinager . One of the causes of bad breath is indigestion. Apple cider vinegar is effective in helping good digestion and avoiding bad breath.


Chew activated charcoal

- Chew a piece of coal. This may sound strange, but chew an activated charcoal It can help reduce bad breath problems. Charcoal contains properties that cleanse the stomach through the intestines. When chewed, it serves as a natural purifier that helps eliminate toxins in the digestive system.

- Chewing herbs. These have a great potential to treat halitosis. Chew herbs like anise , the cardamom , fennel seeds, parsley , hazelnuts, mint , rosemary, basil , myrrh, thyme and dill, eliminate bad breath.

-Sal dissolved in water. Do gargle with a salt solution It can be of great benefit to your oral health, since it makes bacteria and other food particles present in the mouth and throat disappear. When this is done, the breath will be fresher.

They are easily available at home and can be used when necessary. To ensure that halitosis or bad breath is being treated correctly, it is best to develop and maintain a good oral hygiene with the supervision of a dentist.

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