Jorge Lavat dies after infection

The first Mexican actor, Jorge Lavat , died this September 14 at 11:15 pm, after not waking up from the induced coma that the doctors practiced, for a infection derived from a surgery in the spine .

According to information from Notimex , the actor's daughter, Valery Lavat He explained that his father underwent a operation of the column due to a fall suffered a few years ago and that caused continuouspains .

As a result of work projects, the artist accepted that they intervened surgically with the hope of improving their quality of life: "However, a series of complications in the operation had my father in the area of intensive therapy "explained Valery.

The actor's daughter, said on September 13, that doctors gave her father several types of antibiotics to fight the infection, with the purpose of operating it again so that the expansion of the bacterium, but Jorge Lavat, lost the battle.

Risks of a spinal surgery

Scientific studies show that mortality by surgery of the spine is close to zero, and that the risk of infection during a first operation of the Intervertebral disc It is approximately 1%, although it increases in elderly patients, and its quantification in a specific case depends on factors of the patient himself, such as his general or immune status, says the portal The Web of the Espaldto.

Post-surgical fibrosis is another risk of surgery, although the fact that it appears or not depends basically on the healing of each person, it is generally accepted that the less invasive the surgery and the less the bleeding during it, the less it is the risk that it occurs, and also reduces the risk of a situation of vertebral instability.

The main risk is that the operation does not obtain satisfactory results. These studies indicate that the main cause of surgical failure is to recommend surgery when it is not strictly indicated, and that the more rigorous the selection of patients, the better the results. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that all patients who are going to be operated on really meet the criteria that recommend it.

In addition, and although the necessary measures are systematically adopted to avoid or reduce them as much as possible, complications can arise from any surgical intervention (problems with the anesthesia , thromboembolism postoperative , etc.)


Care of the spine

After the patient is discharged from the operation , it is necessary to adopt the following preventive measures, as well as people who have never been operated:

  1. Do exercise
  2. Stay physically active
  3. Comply with the rules of postural hygiene
  4. Adopt a healthy mental attitude
  5. Follow the advice of Health general

The age , the medical history, genetic factors and the care with which it is carried out in this type of surgeries, are basic for the success and / or failure of this one. Rest in peace, the great actor, Jorge Lavat .

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