5 exercises for a healthy back

According to statistics, more than half of the population has ever suffered Back pain . The pain appears as the result of lack of strength and flexibility of the muscles of the dorsal part and abdominal of the trunk. Having a bad posture also generates pain. To avoid it GetQoralHealth recommends the following exercises back to improve your posture.

Exercise 1: Stand on your back with your knees bent and your hands back. Slowly try to touch the knees with your hands. Do a serious of 10 repetitions.

Exercise 2: Face up and with the knees bent, place the soles of the feet on the floor and cross the arms over the chest. Slowly raise the head and trunk from 30 to 60 cm. If you are a beginner, perform the position 4 times and go up 2 each day.

The following video shows a exercise ideal to release the tension of the back:

Exercise 3: Sitting, put your legs together and place your arms in a cross. Little by little, touch the feet with your hands. Make a series of 10 repetitions.

Exercise 4: In the same position as the exercise anterior, slowly bend your legs and hug them alternately without touching the ground. Do a series of 10 repetitions.

Exercise 5: Lie down and place your arms extended along your body. Slowly bend the legs and thighs until they contact the wall abdominal . Go back to the starting position. Do a series of 10 repetitions.

Finally remember that to prevent the Back pain It is essential to regularly exercise the muscles of the spine and the back, since its main function is to maintain a correct body position.

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Video Medicine: Back Stretches that Ease Stiffness & Increase Flexibility (June 2021).