Exercise with your armchair!

Your room can be a great tool to exercise and obtain an athletic body, defined and free of fat. With an exercise routine designed exclusively for a sofa you can tone your abdomen, arms, legs and buttocks.

Creating an exercise routine with your chair is the most effective way to stay in shape without spending so much in a gym; In addition, you can do it at the times that suit you so that you enjoy it to the fullest.

To improve your appearance and your health, we share some exercises recommended by the coach Jessica Smith on the Huffington Post portal . Activate yourself free from the comfort of your home!

1. Squats: Sit on the edge of the chair, with your feet firmly on the floor and your hands resting on the sofa. Stand up slightly and take a step forward, without taking your hands off; Your back should be right and your knees, parallel to your heels. Bend your elbows and lower your hips to the ground; Slowly return your body so that it is in line with the edge of the chair. Do three sets of 15 repetitions.

2.- Lizards: Take advantage of the height of the chair to make this movement more easily. Place your feet on the edge of the sofa, stretch your body and support your body with the palms of your hands resting on the floor. Try to make your body form a straight line, taking care that your elbows are a little flexed to avoid injuries. Lower and raise your body carefully. Do three sets of 12 repetitions.

3.- Buttocks: Use the arm of the chair as if it were a ballet bar. Rest the tips of the fingers of the left hand while raising the right leg and the arm forward (you can bend the left knee a little). With this movement you will work the muscles of the legs and glutes. Do three sets of 12 repetitions. You can vary the exercise as shown in the video:

4.- Abdomen: Sit on the couch with your hands behind your head and your legs together. Keep your back straight while raising your knees to the chest without taking them off. Stretch the legs to increase the effort and return to the starting position. Do three sets of 12 repetitions.

5.- Whole body: To exercise all the muscles, place your head and half of your back (face up) on the chair, keep your hips up and your legs at 90 degrees. Take a few dumbbells, bend your arms and stretch them up, return to the starting position. Do three sets of 12 repetitions.

Before starting any exercise routine make a series of movements that activate your blood circulation and prepare your body to perform movements without being injured.

With this exercise routine you will leave your sedentary lifestyle aside, since you can watch your favorite show or a movie while you mold your body and fill yourself with energy. And you, do you know other tips to exercise from home?

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Video Medicine: 3 Chair Exercises You Can Do Everyday (October 2021).